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Join your colleagues in the Start Your Impossible Activation and win a chance to go to Paris 2024 Paralympic Games


Who is eligible?

The Start Your Impossible Activation is open to all permanent employees. Participation of interns, interims and contractors depends on each entity's decision. Please reach out to your SYI Activation coordinator for more information.
Employees selected to go to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will have to be under contract with Toyota at the time of the Games.
Participation to the SYI Activation is conditioned to the use of a smartphone.

How will the employees going to Paris 2024 be identified?

Employees going to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will mostly be identified through a points ranking (either at company level or at teams level, depending on the entity).
A number of employees will be identified by draw in 2024 after reaching a certain threshold of points, allowing employees to join the Activation at any point in time.

How are the points distributed?

Points will be credited for participation and completion of challenges.
For each activity registered in the app as part of a challenge, points will be credited depending on the duration of the activity.
When a challenge is completed, bonus points are credited (except for Sports challenges), following this logic:

Quiz = 300 points

Mindset Shift = 1000 points

Volunteering = 1000 points

How are the winner(s) per challenge identified?

For each challenge during the Activation, one or several winner(s) will be identified.
Identification of the winner(s) will either be through the app (in case of "measurable" challenges) or via a draw handled by the Activation coordinator at the end of the challenge.

What are the rewards for each challenge?

During the Activation, rewards will be distributed to the winner(s) of each challenge. These rewards vary entity by entity.

Do you need help?

Contact your local Start Your Impossible Activation coordinator
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